About Oscars

Focussed on being everyones local pub, like in the UK.
You fancy a pint? then pop down ya local.
Ya fancy some great British food? then pop down ya local.
Since Oscars was built, people like to come in and see friendly faces, familiar faces, and at the moment none are more familiar than the leaders of the team we have in Oscars right now. Si & Janice Frater are known throughout the Algarve for being the best Host & Hostess youll come across.
We have a choice off the brilliant brand new British menu everyday to choose from including daily specials on the boards, ALL the live sport from around the world, Live Music, Quiz Nights & Karaoke
We appreciate that everyone expectations are different, and throughout the day and night Oscars changes to suit. Our recent reviews are a testament to the improvements we have made since we took over in August 2020, from the carefully planned and prepared menus through to the music, sport and entertainment-- Every day is an Oscars day.

Whatever the occasion, party size or time - book with Oscars Today.