Welcome to Oscars Vila Sol 2021

Welcome to the all new Oscars Vila Sol page .. From August 2020 the bar has a new owner (Rohan) and a new direction.. Rohan, wanted the bar to go back to its original routes when Barry & Lloyd ran it .. SO .. he asked Si & Janice Frater on board to help him achieve his goals..

Well where do we start, what a crazy few months it’s been here! Many of our lovely regulars know that since we took over as the new management we have well and truly put Oscars Bar on the map as one of the best destinations in vila sol & made it everyone favourite local pub again, like it used to be in the good old days.

We would like to thanks all the locals who again, with new owners have been quick to try Oscars Vila Sol due to its past great reputation and to their detrement have all come back with great feedback and more than that.. come back .. All the main local Vila Sol groups are now back at oscars Vila Sol, which is great to see for them and also for us as it means we are on the right track.

All we set out to do here at Oscars was to give the locals somewhere to eat & drink at the right price, meet before during or after work for a pint before home, or even come down to watch the live sport or live music. We know that if the locals are all talking about how good Oscars is then the holidays sure will follow the recomendations when they come over.

Lastly you may have heard about Oscars Private Parties?

Our parties have become famous over the past few months, you won’t find what we do anywhere else in Portugal.

You don’t have to be rich and famous to book your party at Oscars. You can be assured of a fabulous bash that people will talk about all year.

Please keep Intouch and keep checking our website and facebook for what’s happening here at Oscars Bar, and don’t forget Every Day is an Oscars Day!

Si, Janice & The whole team